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This website is dedicated to the research of the family history of Pierre Chagnon dit Larose and Louise Fauvreau. My own branch in this tree descends from their son, Francois Chagnon dit Larose & his wife Marie Catherine Charon dit Ducharme. Francois migrated to Canada in the middle 1600s. Some say that he was a Carignan Soldier, who came to Canada to help protect the new habitats from the Iroquois Indians and some say he was a habitat himself. You will find many individuals belonging to several different branches of the Pierre Chagnon dit Larose Family Tree. These branches are from all over Canada, including Nova Scotia, in the United States, in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York to name a few places they can be found. You will also find other surname branches that are related to the Chagnon Tree, such as the Bouchards, the Poiriers, the Beauregards, etc. See the 100 surnames listed below for a sample. You will find a number of articles about genealsogy research, historical information, grave photos, monthly memorial lists, and much more throughout this website.

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Looking for someone? Trying to break through a brick wall with one of your family lines. If you are new to genealogy research, and don't know where to start, or what information you should be collecting, check out my free Beginner's eBook guide. This free eBook has easy to follow tips that will make your family research easier. Don't understand your DNA results? Contact me with your questions. Also, my Blog contains lots of interesting and helpful articles including tips on helping your own genealogy research.

The Chosen

In each family there is one who seems called to preserve the history their ancestors. To put flesh on their ancestors'bones and make them live again. We are chosen to tell the family story and somehow we can feel that they know and approve of this. Doing genealogy is not just a cold gathering of facts but, instead a way to breath life back into all of whose have gone before us. We are the story tellers, the grave keepers, the guardians of the past. We have been called by the DNA we share with our ancestors. We search for the stories of those who have gone before us and in this process, we somehow find ourselves. I have stood before many graves and cried for missing my loved one and have felt sadness for those who I did not have the opportunity to meet. I have told them, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here because without you so many of us would not be here". There even has been times I have walked up to a grave and can still feel their presence, their love, and their sadness. Their existence, their stories speaks to me and is what keeps me seeking.



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Meet Some of My Family

Louis Bouchard

Louis is my great grandfather. He is the father of Delina Bouchard.

Louis Morrow

Louis is the 2nd wife of Louis Bouchard. They had 13 children. She died at 47 yrs.

Narcisse Chagnon

AKA "Nelson" is my grandfather. He is the husband of Delina Bouchard.

Delina Bouchard

Delina is the daughter of Adelina Plante & Louis Bouchard, wife of Narcisse.

Bones of My Bones

Those mentioned within these pages are bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh. It is from pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish and their contributions that makes us what and who we are today. We need to understand and try to fee what they went through, their hardships and their loses, their determination to never give in or give up, and their resoluteness to go on and build a life for their family. It is with great pride that our fathers fought in many wars and some died to keep us safe and make us a nation. It goes to even a deeper and immense understanding that they were doing it for us. It is with equal pride and love that our mothers struggled to give us birth, without them we would not exit, so we love and cherish each one, as far back as we can reach. We should always remember to honor them when scribing each fact of their existence, because we are they and they are the sum of who we are. So, as a keeper of our ancestors' DNA, I tell the story of my family and all those who bear the connection to the Chagnon family name. It is my hope that those young and old will step up and preserve the memories and find those who we have never known. It is up to you and all who are chosen in the next generation to answer the call to become a family tree keeper.

Top 100 Surnames

Below you will find 100 surnames that are connected to the Chagnon Family Tree. There are many more and if you don't see what you are lookin for use the search field at the top of this page.

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